Learning Krita Part 1

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I think I am crazy because. I am thinking about learning Krita.  My wife who usually take charge for Art side is in her 8th month.


Note: I am a programmer and part time musician

I have version Krita 3.0 installed. And I started playing with some brushes.

Krita is the best digital painting free ware. you can get it from here

Today’s goal was to

  1. Test all brushes and save a preset of brushes for future use.
  2. Play with some GUI.


So here is what I drew:

  1. Using fx_overlay brush, A Rainbowish light in the space with a sky LOL childish


2. Using sponge brush and fx_overlay, A lightning bolt coming out of bloody clouds



  1. I am feeling confident about myself now.
  2. Krita is very easy to use. I mean it was my first try.
  3. I have a couple of brushes added to my custom presets


Thanks for reading.

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