We are not actively hiring as of the moment.

All Kooky Lab staff are full-time exclusive contractors who work from home around the world. We currently do not have an office, but we will be looking for it soon.

The persons we look for are:

  • Artist, 2d, 3d,expert in GIMP, KRITA and expert in making texture sheet animations.
  • 3d modeling and Animation expert, in Blender software.
  • Programmer, unity 3d using C#.
  • Marketing videos expert. Promotional videos OR game trailers.
  • Musical person, expert in LMMS and audacity software.
  • Open Toonz expert. Should be able to make short animations.

How to Apply?

Send a complete resume and links to your portfolio to the email below:


We prefer simple, plain text resumes with minimal formatting that includes:

  • A full work/educational history
  • Nationality, current location, and current contact information
  • Any projects you have worked on, and your role in that team
  • A brief cover letter letting us know anything you need to add to your resume


Who is Kooky Lab?

Kooky Lab is a startup company. We aim to produce quality casual games.

We are working on our first title. You can play it here 

  • Staff in USA and Pakistan.