Added blinking when Player is hit by enemy

Added code for blinking when Player is hit by enemy:

In Player class.public void Awake()

// Sprites are added in child game 

objects of main player, 

so iterate through all game objects 

and get required sprite renderers

Transform[] ts = GetComponentsInChildren<Transform>(true);

foreachTransform t in ts)


     if ( == “horse_texturesheet”)

      HorseSpriterenderer = t.gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>();


In update method we added.

 if (_blinking && (_blinkingTime -= Time.deltaTime) <= 0 )


    HorseSpriterenderer.enabled = !HorseSpriterenderer.enabled;

    _blinkingTime = BlinkingTime;


// handle takedamage timer

if ( _bHit && (_takeDamageCoolDownTime -= Time.deltaTime) <= 0 )


   bHit = false;


   HorseSpriterenderer.enabled = true;

   _takeDamageCoolDownTime = TakeDamageCoolDownTime;


And in Take damage we enable the blinking.

public void TakeDamage (int damage, GameObject instigator)


   if (_bHit)


   FloatingText.Show (string.Format (“-{0}, damage), “PlayerTakeDamageText”

       new FromWorldPointTextPositioner (Camera.main, transform.position, 2f60f) );

   Health -= damage;

   if (Health <= 0)


   // blinking is true, disable player collider for x time

   bHit = true;




public void EnableBlinking(bool blink)


   _blinking = blink;


Thanks for reading.

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