You are a cowboy relaxing on a hot sunny day. A herd of wildebeests ran into your sheep. Sheep ran into the deadly forest. You jump on your horse and went into the jungle and start catching your sheep back. You have a Rope to catch sheep as well as shotgun and rifle to save your life from jungle’s deadly animals.


Live Tournament Details:

Play on Android device:


Download PC Demo version here:


We are currently working on this game for a while. We are targeting this for Mobile market. Just for sake of feedback to improve the game we are putting this Web GL public demo. If you want to try out on Mobile(Android). We are giving free demo builds to friends in our Mailing List.

Please Sign up to our News letter.This Demo will be updated from time to time. It will also include the placeholder items, so please do not mind for bad graphics or some bugs. You are always welcome to report bugs and your feedback in the Forums  here .

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Please enable the WebGL for your browser before you try to open the game.


(Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins

How to Enable WebGL?

For Google Chrome:

  1. open chrome://flags/ in address bar.
  2. Find WebGL text
  3. press Enable under it
  4. Restart browser


You can play the latest beta game here or by clicking the image below.

Control Horse with, Left, Right, Up, and Down Arrows or W, A, S, D. Fire loop with Space Bar.

Select weapons by clicking on weapon icons or press 1, 2, 3 for Rope, Shotgun and Rifle




Or you can play the previous versions from here:

  1. version 1
  2. version 1.1
  3. version 1.2
  4. version 1.3
  5. version 1.4
  6. version 1.5
  7. version 1.6
  8. version 1.7
  9. version 1.8
  10. version 1.9

If you did not get the instruction for enabling Web GL, Here is a video tutorial.